How to Fail

By Lindy Earl

You probably don’t need all of the ideas shared below, and some are very similar, because sometimes people need to hear it in a different way to understand what is being said or apply it to themselves.  Some ideas are almost opposites, because different people need to find different ways to fail. Take what you need and skip the rest.

Always delegate difficult jobs.

Command, don’t persuade.

Avoid transparency.

Encourage dependency.

Don’t think like an outside of the box ever.

Thwart all communication amongst others.

Pass blame and do so publicly.

Be capricious.

Stop autonomy.

Accept kudos whether deserved or not and do it loudly and publicly.

Always take the easy route.

Legalities are optional.

Stick with the theory that you have always done things one way and it’s the only way.

Condescend! Explain all the obvious and easy things.

Waste time.

Never share credit.

Never take notes.

Don’t take advice.  You know it all.


Trust slowly.

Demand much.

Use a ‘need to know’ communication theory.

Make major changes that require huge efforts every 3-6 months.

Waver on all decisions.

Know that short term is all that matters.

Take what you can get.

Don’t leave it better than you found it.

Take no risks.

Keep a bad attitude.

Assume people are trying to cheat you.

Know that what others think of you matters.

Keep repeating yourself if people don’t immediately respond.  Use the same words and same tone.

Be controlling!

Expect and assume the worst.

Never apologize.

Never forgive.

Have a long memory and hold a grudge.

          Now, these are obviously tongue in cheek.  Sadly, we all know people, often our past bosses, who do any number of these things. The title is accurate.  If you do these things, you are probably going to fail, especially as an Entrepreneur or Small Business Owner. I’m sure there are a plethora of items that could be added to this list . . .

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