Single Again… Relentlessly Pursuing You

By Kenneth Stepp

Relentless: To be constant and incessant. I suppose that’s fair. Relentless is what I am, relentless is the speed and drive that I am pursuing you. I know you, I want you, and eventually, I will be with you. You are my quest, my goal, and the only person made perfectly for me. You are my forever love. We are meant to be.

I say I know you and that may or may not be true. Maybe I should say that I know a lot about you, we may have met, we may even be past lovers, we may know one another well. The truth is, I feel we are already connected in a way that is more spiritual than physical. Our souls match like two puzzle pieces.

There are days when I am slow paced, I write, I work online, or I am somewhat bored. Even on those days, I am relentless in my pursuit of you. There are moments when I feel like a hunter. I guess in reality, I am, only instead of big game, I am hunting big love. A love that won’t quit on us, a love like no other, a love where we know every detail about one another and stay anyway.

Knowns… I write about knowns a lot. For me, knowns mean everything. For example, we may disagree about something very important to us both, but because we “know” nothing rises to the level of our love, we know our relationship is safe, even though we disagree about something. There is safety in knowns.

To know that our love is the most important thing in our lives is to know there is nothing that can pierce it in any way. If I hold my hands out, one high over my head, the other below my waist. Our love will be up there and everything else, family, politics, opinions, etc, will be down here. Nothing can damage our love for one another. This is what I mean by knowns. We’re safe.

Although I may not be that special, and to some, you may not be either, but when I find you, together, we will be amazing. Together we will be unstoppable, and yes, together, we will always be. Once we meet, reconnect, or figure “us” out, amazing will be how we describe ourselves. Are you listening?

This experience in this sea of singles has taught me so many things. First, everyone including myself has been hurt, everyone has damage, everyone has baggage. Let’s see if we have matching luggage my love. You can continue swimming, you can stay stubborn, you can stay on the road you’re on. But one day, I will stand in front of you. You and I are one another’s destiny.

My days are full with new business ideas, work, and a little play around midday most days. But my heart is full too, you are already aware of that though. Do you ever talk to me? Do you write to me too? Have we missed one another before? Bad timing, too many distractions, or just in different places? I haven’t a clue myself.

I know you. I know you are kind, I know you have a huge heart, I know you love adventure as much as I do. I know what is important to you. I feel as if I know everything about you, or enough to know I love you. Walk towards me my love…

We need us. Do you know what happens what happens when an unstoppable object meets and immovable object? We fall in love…