Marietta Fish Market – a Restaurant Review

By Lindy Earl If there’s a restaurant that does not need reviewing, it’s the Marietta Fish Market.  This fabulous restaurant is one of several run by the same family, each [Read More]


Dating After Divorce “forgotten”

By Kenneth Stepp   Have you ever been forgotten? Or felt forgotten?  I can remember many investments I have made in people. Monetary, mentoring, and emotional. I wonder at times [Read More]


Life After Divorce . . . Tear Down that Wall

  By Lindy Earl Writers love to, and almost live to, hear feedback on their columns, articles, books, anything they write.  It’s especially appreciated when it’s positive (but even negative [Read More]

Georgia News

Senator Josh McKoon for Secretary of State

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Wednesday, May 16, 2018 CONTACT: Senator Josh McKoon for Secretary of State  announces Veterans Task Force Republican Senator Josh McKoon, who is running to be Georgia’s next [Read More]


Democrats Nominate a Marxist for Congress

One of the reasons Democrats don’t get any traction in some Congressional districts is that their candidates are completely out of touch with the constituent base. And with reality. The [Read More]