What We Want

By Lindy Earl                 I was chatting with a friend a few weeks ago, sharing something that happened at work – and he was off!  Asking questions, making comments, sharing [Read More]


The Ungrateful Woman

By Lindy Earl             We have all met people who just didn’t seem to understand how blessed they are. Some people just need to complain about everything.  Since my divorce, [Read More]


Creating Relationships

By Lindy Earl             I think that, at a certain age, which may differ for all of us, we all desire to be in a healthy, committed relationship.  That relationship [Read More]


Not for the Reasons You Think

By Lindy Earl             Talking about relationships and dating, a woman told a friend of mine that she wasn’t good enough for him. She had her reasons, which were rather [Read More]


Seven Steps for Building Your Team

By Lindy Earl             We all like to believe we are good managers – supportive, encouraging, understanding. Depending on which employee you ask, your belief may be affirmed or denied. [Read More]