OMG! CNN Just Sued The Government To Get The Names And Addresses Of Manafort Jurors

The anti-Trump cable news network has a long history of doxxing threats and harassment. By Bre Payton In a motion filed in federal court on Thursday, CNN and several other media [Read More]

Georgia & City News

This Morning I Used “GOP” in a Sentence

By Mario D. Robinson This morning I used “GOP” in a sentence… I really don’t like talking politics on public forums, I focus on the micro rather than the macro [Read More]



With 100% of precincts reporting, the special election in Ohio’s 12th district is too close to call. Troy Balderson (R) has 50.2 percent of the vote with 100% of precincts [Read More]


Two Parties – Different Paths: Socialism/Communism vs Patriotism/Work

BY REID WILSON, The Hill Democrats and Republicans in Michigan appear set to deliver sharply different verdicts in fights over the direction of their parties on Tuesday when they go [Read More]


Joe Wilson- Working for Better Government

Some people view Joe Wilson as a political activist. And to a degree he is. However, rather than carrying a protest sign, or tilting at windmills, Wilson spends his time [Read More]


OMG! IT WAS TRUE: Obama’s FBI Paid For Steele Dossier Against Trump

By Kenneth Stepp The questions are. Should Trump declassify these documents? If treason was committed by anyone, should they be prosecuted? What if it leads to Obama himself? Many believe [Read More]


Leaving The Dems: Chris Rock, California’s future, and a black pastor’s #WalkAway moment

AMANDA HEAD, REBEL CONTRIBUTOR Over the past five years or so, we’ve all witnessed the degradation and dilution of comedy. The perpetual outrage of the left has made it extremely difficult to [Read More]