Georgia State Rep Stands Against Illegal Immigration

Georgia State Representative Rey Martinez stands against illegal immigration and takes Democrats to task for not doing so. After voting in favor of a resolution condemning the Biden Administration for its handling of the southern border, Martinez took to social media and his web page ( to take Georgia’s Democrats to task for their lack of support for increased border security.

The issue made national headlines as The Epoch Times, reported that on February 13th, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp announced an estimated 15-20 more National Guardsmen would be deployed to Texas to set up a forward operating base and further assist Gov. Greg Abbott in his efforts to stop the flow of illegal immigrants across the border. This action was taken after both the Georgia House and Georgia Senate passed resolutions condemning the Biden Administration’s handling of the southern border.

Martinez stated, “I voted in favor of the resolution and I was not surprised that most of my Democrat colleagues voted against it. To me, it’s clear that Democrats do not care about the death and destruction illegal immigrants are causing in our country. The fentanyl that Illegal immigrants have brought across the border has caused thousands of American deaths. Additional harm to our citizens has been caused by rape, robbery assault and murder committed by illegal immigrants.

But by their actions- or lack of them- Democrats have shown me they don’t care. It seems their only concern is to allow as many illegal immigrants into the country as part of a plan to make sure Republicans don’t win elections. I guess if a few hundred thousand people die in the process, so be it.

The Epoch Times article linked above, reported quite a bit of debate before the House voted on the resolution. It’s no surprise that Democrats, blame the border problem on Republicans. In typical “don’t confuse me with the facts” fashion, House Minority Whip Sam Park blamed Republicans for standing in the way of every border solution that has come before congress in the past 25 years. Park obviously failed to mention that the proposals were either not solutions, or had other unrelated legislation attached to them.”

But the Democrat hypocrisy went beyond that. As The epoch times reported, “In an attempt to pander to the Hispanic community, Rep. Park Cannon gave her comments completely in Spanish and ended by asking in English, “Did anyone understand what I just said?”

The Epoch Times went on to report, “Rep. Rey Martinez, born in Puerto Rico to Cuban immigrants, denounced her speech, saying, I’m not going to pander to my community. I respect this body. I respect the state. And in this country, we speak English. Some of these are not my Latino friends that are the only ones that are coming in that border,’ he said, highlighting 24,000 encounters with Chinese border crossers in 2023 and 9,000 so far in 2024. Of that combined total, 29,000 were single adults.”

In his web site post, Martinez stated, “I am proud of my Hispanic heritage and fully support immigrants of all nationalities that are in our country legally. But I will not pander to any group. I’ll leave that to my Democrat colleagues.”