Op Ed: Able, Willing, and Ready

By Lindy Earl Do you remember the phrase, Ready, Willing, and Able?  I recently heard it and it took me back several years.  It seems like it’s not a commonly [Read More]


Life After Divorce . . . Does Age Make a Difference?

By Lindy Earl Have you ever noticed that couple whom you couldn’t tell if they were parent/child or on a date? How uncomfortable is that?  I have asked around and [Read More]


Ask Lindy . . . Giving Thanks

By Lindy Earl Dear Lindy, How can I express my appreciation in ways that mean something to others? Just saying thank you seems insufficient. -Grateful Dear Grateful, I understand. I [Read More]


Life After Divorce . . . What Makes A True Gentleman?

By Lindy Earl Please let me say that gentlemanly behavior, by itself, does not make you a gentleman. That’s like saying standing in a garage will make you a car. [Read More]


Ask Lindy . . . What’s in a Kiss?

By Lindy Earl Dear Lindy, I love to kiss!  I think it’s the greatest part of intimacy. Does this sound right? -Two lips ready Dear Ready, If it works for [Read More]


Life After Divorce . . . Physical Touch

By Lindy Earl Does anybody else start singing Phil Collins when you hear the words physical touch?  Or, if you’re older, maybe Olivia Newton John? Anyway . . . Physical [Read More]


Life After Divorce . . . Wanting vs Needing a Relationship

By Lindy Earl Relationships have been a bane for single people since . . . well, high school for me.  I think for some people, since they were 8.  The [Read More]


Life After Divorce . . . Seven Requirements

By Lindy Earl One of the differences of dating after divorce, versus our first time around in our teens and twenties, is that things simply move faster.  As a teenager, [Read More]