Life After Divorce . . . Making Baggage a Good Thing

By Lindy Earl             We all have baggage.  It’s true.  The older we are, the more baggage we probably have.  The more relationships we’ve had, the more heartaches and losses, [Read More]


Life After Divorce . . . One Thing Desired in a Relationship

By Lindy Earl           I’m a nerd.  I don’t know if anyone else likes the term, but it fits me and I accept it.  I’m a math nerd as well [Read More]


Life After Divorce . . . I Don’t Know What’s Strange Anymore

By Lindy Earl           I’m sure you’ve heard the term, black and white. In the olden days, it seems that things were simply more clear – black and white.  Now [Read More]


Life After Divorce . . . Relationships are Fragile

By Lindy Earl What does the word fragile bring to mind? Breakable? Expensive? Delicate? I think all those words apply to relationships.  I think relationships start fragile, but get stronger, [Read More]


Dealing with Poor Life Choices

By Lindy Earl In playing a round of the totally politically-inappropriate game Cards Against Humanity, the following cards were all thrown in:  Poor life choices, Self-loathing, Seething with quiet resentment, [Read More]