Alpha Males

By Lindy Earl Women love alpha males. Women want to date alpha males and men enjoy being friends with other alphas.  The stronger the woman, the greater the desire, even [Read More]


The Ungrateful Woman

By Lindy Earl             We have all met people who just didn’t seem to understand how blessed they are. Some people just need to complain about everything.  Since my divorce, [Read More]


Live By Your Heart

By Lindy Earl Are you a logical person? Do you plan things and enjoy having everything lined up? I don’t mean OCD tendencies. I think we all have those in [Read More]


People Always Tell You

By Lindy Earl           They say that there are no words more sad than “what might have been.” Follow these, in my opinion, with, “if I had only known.” Why [Read More]


Get the Hint

By Lindy Earl             In the dating world, some people play games.  Some girls want to be chased, some like to chase.  I have a friend who never likes a [Read More]


Believe in Yourself

By Lindy Earl             Humans are interesting people. I realize how silly that sentence sounds, but we really are an odd combination of good and bad, pretty and ugly, happy [Read More]