Tin Lizzy’s – A Restaurant Rave

By Lindy Earl

I was in a good mood all morning, knowing that I was going to Tin Lizzy’s for lunch. I was returning to their location in Kennesaw, GA, but there are several sites scattered through Atlanta and even more in southeast states.  Since they tout themselves as Tex-Mex their locations makes sense and I’m guessing they will continue to open new restaurants, which should delight thousands of people who have yet to experience the delight which is Tin Lizzy’s.

For some it may be one of the many bars and grills in their area, but that would be because they have not had the pleasure of the CBR – by far my favorite entrée.  This Chicken, Bacon, Ranch quesadilla simply combines the best ingredients so has to be great – and it is!

Other winners include the tri-fecta, where you can create your own meal based on your choices of tacos.  A friend was wise to ask the size of the soft tacos, and when our sweet server, Megan, described them, he opted for only two, which was a good decision.  There is a lot of food in Tin Lizzy’s servings.

Whether or not you enjoy the quaint car decorations and license plates all over the place or not, you are definitely going to enjoy your meal.  In addition, save room for dessert!  The chocolate taco is as fabulous as their other options.

Find the time to visit one of the many Tin Lizzy’s in your area as soon as you can.  The Kennesaw location is 3470 George Busbee Parkway, a block off Chastain Road.  You’ll enjoy a great meal and probably bring home enough leftovers for a second meal the next day.

Lindy, a columnist and restaurant reviewer, can be reached at LMEarl@EarlMarketing.com.