Single Again… The Meaning of Life

By: Kenneth Stepp


It may surprise my friends to find out that I actually know what the meaning of life is. But, I do, so deal with it and move on. I can sum it up in one word. However, being a writer, that isn’t likely at all. Unwrapping this will be fun, it’s my favorite subject.


Lessons From The Dead


I am a studier. I grab hold of a subject and dig deep. My profound ADD allows me to hyper focus. So, I dedicate hours almost every day to study whatever subject that has my attention. For about five months, it was “consciousness”. I was studying theoretical physics and the online professor spoke on it one day,  I was hooked. To be something other than what can be weighed or measured, describes a soul. And this was science talking, I had to go down that road.


Neuroscience studies, completed in scholarly, scientific ways of the afterlife. Who wouldn’t go there? I know I was compelled to investigated four major studies. One in Japan, one in Great Britain, one in The Netherlands, and one in America. Tens of thousands that had so many commonalities, that chance of false claims were out the window. This was something real, these were all people who died and came back by medical procedure, all monitored in a scientific way. Credibility is everything to me when studying.


What All The Voices Agreed On


Being a person that walks in political circles, I see a lot of people disagreeing with one another. So, when I see this many (around 35,000 globally), it gets my full attention. These people were from different countries, religions, faiths, speaking different languages, male and female, old and young, they all described almost the same place, with almost the same experiences. This to any open minded person takes us from compelling to conclusive, mathematically impossible to be untrue. Something happened to all of them that matched, and all of them were changed forever by it.


These studies showed many things that caught my attention. They all returned knowing God is real, they all believe that THAT was home, not this, that, THAT was more real than this, none feared death any longer, all looked forward to going back. Most believed that we are here to learn more about “Love”. In an environment like the other side, being immersed in love must hinder our ability to hone our love skills. Speculation on my part, but sounds feasible enough. Perhaps this iron sharpening iron phenomenon has merit after all. They all answered two questions the same way. The first was, “How long were you there”? They all said forever. Meaning time and space do not exist there. And second. “Sum up in one word what Heaven was”? The answer…….. “Acceptance”


Could it really be that simple? I believe it can. The most intense love I have experienced aside from family was described the same way. As we looked into one another’s eyes, touching, loving, exploring. We were trying to grasp a single word that could define what we were feeling. “Acceptance” came out of our lips at the exact same time. To be totally accepted by another… This wasn’t a scientific method by no means, but for me, it cleared up a lot of life’s questions in one word. When we love enough to see past the flaws and accept one another at the place we both are, we have, in my opinion, showed someone something that God has been trying to tell us forever. You are loved just the way you are…


” I’ll love you like God loves me, my love is flawed, His is perfect, you’ll love the difference” – k stepp


  1. Beautiful. I remember the day after my emergency brain surgery my neurosurgeon walked into my ICU room for rounds and a very tall man was with him. I was very alert and responsive. Answering all of Dr. Cuffs questions then I asked him who the man with him was he told me that there wasn’t anyone else in the room. Dr. Cuff is a man of faith so he said it’s probably an angel other patients have asked me the same thing many times! I love how G#D reaffirmed my faith in that moment.

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