Your Effect on Others

By Lindy Earl

Imagine a tree.  The roots. The trunk. The branches. The leaves. The birds that rest on the branches or build nests there. The squirrels that play and cavort beneath the tree. The grass that is sheltered by the shade of the tree. The soothing sound of the wind through the branches.

You are a tree and can have the same effect on others as this tree.  I like to think in visuals, because with a simple image I can think in intricate details.  So, in your life, whether at work or home, whether alone or part of a unit, you may visualize yourself as the roots, and your job/marriage as the trunk.  Each employee/child is a branch, and their efforts are the leaves.  You want to have a healthy tree, and you know how to do it.

At work maybe you are the trunk, or a branch, and the roots are already set, in the history of the company.  When you run errands, you may be a leaf on that tree, or you may be a bird spending time there temporarily.  On weekends or vacations maybe you’re the squirrel with some free time to play.

In every situation, with family, friends, and strangers, you have an effect on them.  Even if you pass by a tree every day and never acknowledge it, the tree is there and affects others, right? So, too, do you have an effect on everyone with whom you come into contact daily, even if you don’t realize it.

When you touch other people’s lives, you leave an imprint.  It can change a little day to day, or maybe a lot for a small period if you’re going through something like a new job or marriage or death of a loved one.  But some things will remain steady for long periods at a time.

Your attitude and outlook, for instance, affect others.  When you are positive, you can be an encouragement to others. If you tend to have mood swings, then others are affected by your moodiness and have learned to either deal with it or maybe stay out of your way.  Your kindness, your rudeness, your compassion, your judgment, your acceptance or intolerance, are all seen by others, and it affects others!

Take time to think about who you want to be, what legacy you want to leave, and how to attain that, day by day.  Every life is made up of years, of days, and of moments.  Make sure your moments are well spent.

Lindy is a Business Consultant, Speaker, and Writer.  Contact her at to learn how she can make you and your company more successful.