Marietta Fish Market – a Restaurant Review

By Lindy Earl

If there’s a restaurant that does not need reviewing, it’s the Marietta Fish Market.  This fabulous restaurant is one of several run by the same family, each unique.

A friend and I arrived early on a Wednesday night.  By the time we left a little over an hour later, the place was packed.  That’s pretty normal, even on a weeknight.

Having had a late lunch, I opted for an appetizer as my meal, the Lobster Bisque, one of their signature offerings.  My friend ordered trout, lightly grilled – meaning little oil and few herbs.

Our meals arrived quickly and were absolutely delicious.  Our one sadness from visiting this fabulous restaurant is that we were too full to partake of any of their incredible desserts, also available at their other restaurants.

Marietta Fish Market is well known and does not need a review to let people know how wonderful it is, but as I went, I thought I would share.  The service was delightful, the atmosphere is congenial,  and the food is tasty.  When you’re ready for an enjoyable evening at a local restaurant, visit Marietta Fish Market at 3185 Canton Road in Marietta, GA 30066.