Single Again… Everyone Loves a Love Story

By Kenneth Stepp

I have been in the “love” business for over 8 years. I have heard so many stories from those who won and those who lost. Many were inspiring and a few were so tragic. I have experienced them all myself. I have loved alone, loved and lost, and been left confused and permanently attached to people I no longer even speak with. My stories are a mix of storms and beach scenes. From high waves to crystal clear waters.

I decided to talk about my current situation. I am an empath. There I said it. I ran from this my entire life. I care about people I barely know, I feel far deeper than I want to feel, and when I fall in love. Well, you can just guess the depth. I have been this way my whole life. I tried being a bad boy. I was a fighter, professional no less. I hurt other men for money. But way down deep I was running from who I was. Today I am embracing my real self. I wanted to talk about my empathic heart first. It sets up the real story.

For almost two years I had a girl that was a reader. For almost 2 years, she liked and loved my articles about love and life. She occasionally commented as well. She couldn’t have known that I secretly couldn’t wait for her to do anything with my posts. I run several large groups on facebook. One of them, the smallest, is a support group for single Christians. One day I asked for prayer because of something I had going on. I never do this. I’m very private.

Her reply floored me. She said, I pray for you every day anyway. She could not have had any idea what that did to me. I cried reading it. We still never spoke. But that was a seed that would grow into a mighty oak. It stayed inside me. I was seeing someone at the time and she knew it. I am always faithful and always kind. These might be the best two things about me. I wanted to know her but it was not appropriate. 

14 months later, I had been broken up and very much alone for 2 ½ months. One night I decided to do something I considered bold. I sent her a screenshot of her 14 month old comment. I told her that I cried when I read it again because I believed that her words were true. Not knowing what would come next, I waited. The next morning I had a message from her. It was true and she still did. That was May 7th 2020. My best year ever.

I waited, It felt like I waited forever. Then on May 16th I sent her another message. I would tell this wonderful human being the only lie that I would ever tell her. I said, I am going to be in your town tomorrow and would love to take you to lunch. Looking back, she had been entombed in her house, scared to death of a virus and talking to a man that could care less about it. To the surprise of her family, friends, and all who know her, she said yes, 

You see, I was not coming to her town unless I could see her. That was the big lie. It didn’t bother me a bit. I arrived at her house. She was a vision. I expected her to not look like her pictures because the girl in her pictures would never have lunch with me. She was beautiful. I rang the doorbell and was stunned by her. Lunch turned into the entire day, our meet turned into a real date. Seeds were planted that day. As I drove 125 miles back home I called or messaged everyone I had been speaking with and told them I was going to pursue someone. I didn’t even know she would ever see me again but I was smitten. 

It’s been almost a year. It will be a year in about 3 weeks. And in about 3 weeks we will be married. We are both empaths, we are twin flames too. I never believed in that till I met her. This is our story, this is a never ending story, or that is the goal. I have loved but never so deeply. I have been loved but never so completely. I can only hope that all my friends and readers will find what we did. Good luck my friends…

We were married May 16th 2021, she passed away less than 4 months later. I am thankful that I was allowed to spend over a year with her. I learned more about love in that year than I learned prior to meeting her.