Rules for Work and Life

By Lindy Earl

I wrote the list below as an outline for one of the many Seminars I share with groups, organizations, corporations, and one-on-one or group coaching.  Rather than write it into an essay, I offer you the information as it stands.  I’m sure you’re doing much, if not all, of this already, but it’s always good to review.

  1. Stay focused. Work on your project/job and stay focused on it alone.
  2. Avoid distractions—no music, phones, faxes, e-mails.  Get the job done.
  3. Respect others at all times—by not interrupting their work (make an appointment); by not interrupting people when they speak; by nodding to show nonverbal agreement; by using names; by using appropriate language—never be vulgar, demeaning, or insulting, even as a joke.
  4. Share ideas, but appropriately.
  5. Listen to others when they speak—this means really listen, don’t start planning your response in your head.
  6. Be prepared on a daily basis—have what you need with you—reports, cell phones, laptop, blueprints, writing materials, everything.
  7. Bring only what you need—don’t get burdened with unnecessary things that can distract you.
  8. Give 100%.
  9. Remember you are paid to work at work.
  10. Be open minded.
  11. Keep a positive attitude toward everyone and all ideas, no matter the source.
  12. Clean up after yourself.
  13. Keep an organized work area.
  14. Don’t complain about anyone or anything, and never gossip. It’s unprofessional and beneath you.
  15. No whining.
  16. Be professional at all times—in manner, speech, and dress.
  17. Use your time wisely—incorporate time management techniques into your day.
  18. Minimize techno-time—time on the phone, answering e-mails, and social media.  You’re there to work, not chat.
  19. You represent your company as well as yourself, so respect your company and yourself.
  20. Follow the golden rule—treat others as you would have them treat you.

Lindy is a Business Consultant, Speaker, and Writer.  Contact her at to learn how she can make you and your company more successful.