Remember . . . Such a Simple Word

By Lindy Earl

We all have good days and bad days.  We all have positive moods and negative moods.  Challenges await us daily, but so do blessings.

Everybody has probably heard the story of the king who asked his wise men to inscribe a ring with something to make him remember all the good things in life, as well as remind him that bad times never last.  His ring was inscribed with the words, This too shall pass.  So when blessings and good times came, the king was careful to appreciate them, knowing they wouldn’t last forever.  And when bad things happened and hard times came, he could be reassured that the bad wouldn’t last forever and he would get through it.

Remembering is always available to us!  We need no phone or other technological support, we don’t need to be with others although that’s often helpful and enjoyable, there is no special location or position – we can enjoy this pastime in bed, in our cars, in the office . . . anywhere we choose to take a moment and remember.  We can do it alone or when part of a large group.  Our minds are amazing and allow us to access thousands of memories.

In remembering, we can relive and enjoy great moments from our past, whether it was last week or years prior.  We can look at details or just enjoy the overall memory.

What I think is most important about remembering is how it will affect us moving forward.  When I wake up moody or leaning toward depression – it may be a lack of sleep, the weather, or what I have on my agenda that day; it may be all three or something else – when I wake like that, it’s good to remember that I’ve been here before, and good things came my way anyway.  It’s good to remember that good can find us, despite our mood or attitude.  Remembering tells us that we do have a future and a hope, even on bad days.

It’s good to remember the promises that have been made to us, or we have made to ourselves.  If for example, you’ve promised yourself to be healthier or save money, remind yourself of what you want to do and what you want to avoid, today, to achieve your goal.

Remembering is a lovely pastime, but we can successfully use it to encourage us every day, to have a great future.

Lindy is an author and consultant, ready to help people be the best version of themselves.