Life After Divorce . . . When the Music Stops

  By Lindy Earl We all remember the game of musical chairs.  There is always one less chair than there are children circling the chairs.  When the music stops everyone [Read More]


Desperation and Overreach Raise Questions in Lt Governor Race

David Shafer is obviously the leading candidate for Lieutenant Governor, a fact demonstrated by the negative campaigning of some of his opponents. A complaint of sexual harassment, filed the day [Read More]


Life After Divorce . . . Life is an Adventure

By Lindy Earl Divorce elicits multiple emotions in people . . . fear, dread, abandonment, and other negative words.  I slowly found that there are many positive attributes as well:  [Read More]


Atlanta Cost of Living- An Eye-Opener

A recent survey conducted by the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) reveals some eye-opening statistics in comparing costs in metro Atlanta to other cities across the nation. As an example, if [Read More]


Life After Divorce . . . Benefits of Friendship

By Lindy Earl You have probably heard the term, Friends with Benefits.  It’s known in the dating world as FWB.  Sadly, I have received messages with nothing more than, “Wanna [Read More]