Gwinnett School Board Candidate Alexis Williams Speaks Out

For the past year, the Gwinnett County School Board has been embroiled in conflicts that rival those of the Hatfields and McCoys. Shouting matches have erupted at board meetings, two parents were arrested on the way into a meeting and both parents and school board members have repeatedly aired their grievances against each other. Dissatisfaction with School Board actions has spurred the creation of Facebook group, Gwinnett County Parents for Quality Education, which serves as a forum for concerned parents to share their thoughts and calls for action.

With elections for School Board Districts 2 and 4 coming up on May 24th, candidates are ramping up their campaigns, and district 4 seems to be the hot bed of activity with five candidates vying for the seat. School Board elections became non-partisan this year, and with five candidates, there will almost certainly be a runoff.

The candidate who has been most outspoken about current school board issues is Dr. Alexis Williams. Her comments have sparked a lot of interest so we asked contributor Dave Emanuel to Zoom in for a conversation with Dr. Williams. Click the link below to watch.