Gwinnett County Election Topics Wrap Up

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This election season has been challenging on many fronts. with the nation so polarized, there has been vitriol splashed about on both sides. All you have to do is express an opinion, and you’re sure to be verbally attacked.

Never to be daunted by criticism, following is a wrap-up of the Gwinnett County election topics we covered.

Gwinnett County Commission Chair- In the race between Nicole Hendrickson (D) and David Post (R), we endorsed Ms. Hendrickson. Although we have concerns that a predominantly Democrat commission will tend towards tax and spend, and lower the county’s excellent bond rating, Ms. Hendrickson seems to have a solid understanding of county operations and has taken steps that will help maintain the important relationship between the county and the cities within its boundaries.

Gwinnett County Commissioner- District 1- We endorsed Republican Laurie McClain, an accountant with a fiscally responsible orientation. Her opponent, Democrat Kirkland Carden seems more interested in his own political career than in serving the people. A former city council member in Duluth, he seems to think he can take credit for the accomplishments of the entire city council.

Gwinnett County Commissioner District 3- We endorsed Democrat Jasper Watkins. His Republican opponent is Ben Archer. A retired US Army Lieutenant Colonel and current business owner, Watkins has the leadership experience and problem-solving focus that will serve the county well. During his Army career, Watkins served as a pharmacist and supervised a number of critical missions. He now runs a pharmaceutical consulting business.

Gwinnett County Sheriff- If ever there was a no-contest contest, this is it. We endorsed Lou Solis a Republican over Democrat Keybo Taylor. Solis currently serves as Chief Deputy of Operations, is a former Army Ranger and has initiated a number of programs that serve the county well. He is endorsed by current sheriff Butch Conway and a number of police organizations. Taylor on the other hand has a 10-year history of property tax evasion ill-advised lawsuits and what would seem to be an inability to manage finances.

Gwinnett County District Attorney- Incumbent DA Danny Porter has his share of detractors, but he’s the clear choice over challenger Patsy Austin-Gatson. Currently employed by the county solicitor’s office, Austin-Gatson does not appear to have the qualifications needed for the office and also has a history of what is best described as financial mismanagement.

Gwinnett County School Board- There’s too much to say regarding the contests to summarize. We endorse both incumbents Carole Boyce and Mary Kay Murphy. To see why, follow the link-

Transportation Referendum- Our position is vote NO. The plan has some excellent proposals, but includes spending over $1 billion to extend MARTA heavy rail into Gwinnett County.