Yet, More, Still, Again Gwinnett County Sheriff Candidates

Judging by the comments on social media, Georgia News Daily’s previous articles about Gwinnett County sheriff candidates caused quite a stir. Supporters have been very vocal about their preferred candidate. No surprise that many of the comments are based on party affiliation instead of the actual candidate. That situation seems to be particularly strong on the Democrat side where many commenters are posting emotional tirades that contain no facts.

Supporters of Keybo Taylor obviously think not paying property taxes for over 10 years, until after a tax lien is filed is perfectly acceptable. One excuse is that he fell on hard times. We agree that anyone can run into financial problems, but a record of consistently not paying property taxes for over a decade doesn’t come from “hard times”. It would seem to be a behavior pattern, especially when Taylor had enough money to open a new business during the time he wasn’t paying his taxes.

We believe Taylor’s financial and legal issues are relevant because they show a lack of management capability. If he can’t manage his own finances, how will he manage the sheriff department’s budget of approximately one million dollars?

One of the defenses put up by Taylor supporters is that Lou Solis has some skeletons in his closet. That’s a standard political ploy to direct attention away from one issue by creating another one that seems to be related. That might work if anything solid was brought up. But in this case, we have seen nothing more than unproven allegations. We have even asked for information to be sent to us about Solis’s alleged misdeeds. We have received nothing.

Based on our fact checking, Taylor has played fast and loose with the truth when talking about Solis. We also fact-checked Solis’s statements and found documentation that proved them to be true. Much of what has been posted by both sides falls into the classification of campaign rhetoric. But there’s a big difference between rhetoric and false claims.

The above paragraphs make it obvious that Georgia News Daily endorses Lou Solis as the best candidate for Gwinnett County sheriff. Our endorsement is based on the FACTS our investigators have independently verified. At the same time, we remain open to publishing any information that we have missed, positive or negative, about either candidate. If you have information email it to