Great Food at Chop House

By Lindy Earl

We all know the joy of biting into that delicious cheeseburger, covered with lettuce, tomatoes, and onions, that is so large you can barely fit your mouth around it. The juice runs into your hands – but it’s all good.

Now, imagine eating that burger while watching a great Braves game!  That’s the joy of Chop House!

Several of us headed to Chop House at SunTrust Park because one of our group had incredible (yes, expensive) tickets in Right Field. On a Sunday afternoon it took about an hour for the sun to dip behind our backs so we were sitting in shade.  Our server came to us within minutes of our arrival, and kept coming.  We received our drink order quickly but had sufficient time to peruse the short menu – but it has everything you might want.

You don’t need to have tickets in that section to eat the great food at Chop House.  Anyone in the stadium has access.

As stated, I went for the burger.  FABULOUS!    The Po Boy and Pulled Park sandwiches were reported equally delicious.  We were all pleasantly surprised to find we were served curly fries.  The nachos were a bit uneven but if you don’t mind digging into the cheese, it all works out. Portions are generous and served in cute hatchet shaped souvenir bowls.

Of course, good food is going to taste better while watching our Atlanta Braves win an almost-no-hitter.  Oh, the top of the 9th was painful!  But eating at the Chop House, even if our guys lost, would still be a fantastic experience.

Located at 755 Battery Avenue, SE, in Atlanta, GA – as in The Braves Stadium, or SunTrust Park, Chop House is definitely worth at least one visit when you’re treating yourself to a meal at a Braves game.

Lindy, a columnist and restaurant reviewer, can be reached at