Be Flexible

By Lindy Earl

Today I’m up early working on office work, because we are celebrating my son’s birthday at noon today.  His birthday was Monday.  Sometimes you have to be flexible, and life is simply better, and often happier, when you are.  Does it really matter that we’re celebrating his birthday a few days late?  The point of our party is to celebrate him.  Better to have a great party a few days late than a lesser celebration because of the date on the calendar.

Yes, we like it when others work around our schedule.  We like it when things just kind of fall into place.  There is a cosmic peace when things just happen to flow.  Real life, however, does not always work that way.  We all know that from experience.

So, what does it really take for you to be flexible?  Sometimes it’s just a matter of a couple of hours.  You can do that!  Is it as convenient for you? Maybe not, but you can be flexible.

Sometimes it costs you a lot.  If you love to sleep, and being flexible means taking an early meeting, it is costing you rest.  Ouch.  Be flexible anyway.

Sometimes, however, the cost is too great.  I can be flexible about a lot of things, but there are some areas of my life where the cost is too high.  I know what those areas are and I’m not playing with my parameters.  Know yours.

What are the benefits of flexibility?  There are many, but here are a few thoughts.  First, your reputation.  If you are flexible then you will gain a reputation as easy to get along with.  A good reputation is a wonderful asset!

In addition, people will enjoy working with you and being with you.  You do not always have to give others their way, but you should find that people seek you out because you are flexible.

I think the best reason is the inner joy you can experience from being flexible.  It feels good to help others, even if it’s as simple as changing a meeting or something equally innocuous.

For years I have said that the words motherhood and flexible are synonymous.  Life and flexible should be synonyms.  Life is easier when we choose to be flexible.  Make it easy to do business with you!  Work around others’ schedules.  Give a little when you can.  Quality people will appreciate it, and respond and repay you, and they are the ones you want in your life.

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