Why Did You Go?

By Kenneth Stepp (my only attempt at writing spoken word)

Distance and time stand still for love

Life stands still for love

Desire, longing, relationships, and ideas of searching for another mate stood still for love when love found you.

Why did you go?

Searching for love after forty leaves you a 1% chance of finding someone who loves you beyond themselves Someone who prefers your happiness over their own.

Why did you go?

Elvis will come out of hiding, singing with Michael Jackson, managed by JFK before you find another that loves you so purely and totally.

Why did you go?

Real love is forever

Real love only knows to give

Real love never judges

Real love might hurt but it makes you feel again

Real love knows only the good in you

Real love sees no flaws

Real love will always honor

Real love will always be there protecting you

Why did you go?

Real love is unique, it is more than a great date or amazing lover

Real love goes deep, it knows everything inside you, yet, still loves you unconditionally. Unlimited love accepts you unchanged.

Why did you go?

Real love prefers you over itself, it protects you, it always has your back, it remains the strongest most valuable thing in your life.

Real love is faithful, true, honest, and a barrier between you and the world when needed.

Why did you go?

Love is the reason above all other reasons to stand together. It defies logic and social norms. It is always worth it.

Stop going.


“Drops mic on the floor and walks off stage”

I wrote this to try to use my words to explain what real love is. It is the highest calling. It is more valuable than anything this side of Heaven. If you are ever fortunate enough to find it, cherish it, Never let it go. If you do, a lifetime of regret will follow. I knew this love and lost her. I have experienced loving someone more than myself and lost her. It exists, it is real, it should be treasured. When it leaves, it’s so painful…