What Is Perception?

By Kenneth Stepp

Interesting question isn’t it? Perception is how we perceive something. So our access to whatever we need to perceive about an event, a thing in front of us, a person involved, etc. You get it. I grew up in a world where if a man in a gray suit ran across the road in front of me, I perceived the man in the gray suit run across the road in front of me. Simple, right?

Can perception be manipulated? Of course, intelligence agencies everywhere have used it to change outcomes of events one way or another. I lived just a sliver of my life in that world years ago. Before the 2020 elections I received a call from an old acquaintance and he had a story to tell. Be aware the way we perceive everything will change overnight. 

The elections for an example. He told me the outcome was fixed. He said that no matter who won that they will make it look like their guy won. So no matter who received the most votes their candidate would win. I said that I did not believe America would put up with that. He said, half the people won’t be allowed to talk about it at all. The other half of the people will defend those who won’t allow them to talk about it. Both will be sure they have the higher ground. Wrong think will become a real thing. 

As I look at our current situation. If I question the election I’m diminished to being a conspiracy nut and frozen in time online so I cannot defend any position or opinion I might have. When ideas can’t be debated then dictatorships grow. Free speech has been stolen from us by giant corporations. If I mention my concern I am faced with hundreds of the same voices saying, they’re a private company. 

So the kidnapped are defending their kidnappers now because only their narrative is allowed to be spoken about and humans like to speak answers. The private company answer is what they have learned to say or repeat. When you’ve maintained your critical thinking skills but live in a world where people have not, you see people differently. They are repeating what they have been programmed to say about things all the while being smug when they say things. Thoughts are the real cages. Worse than most cages because we cannot see them.

They don’t realize their brains are just regurgitating what those who control them allowed in. Many have degrees, important careers, money, and resources. But they are all a different kind of slave. They are handed tools approved of by their captors. You have those who drone on about what will happen when their party is back in power. They don’t stop to think what actually happened when their party won. But the two party system was created by them so play all you like with it.

I could go on. I used to think we would never let it get this far, but here we are. They just want a compliant village full of people who will continue to vote, consume, and obey. They are so much smarter than I ever gave them credit. DC is just a tool they allow us to fight one another with. Race, LGBT. and a host of other tools they use to divide us with.  You see, people perceive what they are programmed to perceive. 

Knowledge filters are almost like software. You walk in a building and notice 10 things. You were told through ads, movies, maybe facebook posts, etc, that those 10 things would be there. It’s subtle. You had no idea it happened. You know you entered a building and saw 10 items. You had no idea you were programmed to find them. Here’s the rub though. What did you not see? Yep, that’s the rub. We can’t win until we begin seeing what we were told didn’t exist. Let that sink in…