The Blinding Glare of Dishonesty

The vast political divide, a veritable Grand Canyon, that currently plagues our country is largely ascribed to the equally vast differences in ideology that exists between liberals and conservatives. There is that, but the divisiveness is further fueled by a double standard originated by Democrats and perpetuated by the mainstream media.

As noted by USA Today Opinion Columnist Christian Schneider, “The double standard is clear: When Democrats work on behalf of a special interest that aborts millions of children, they are doing so from a place of conscience and ideological purity. When Republicans argue in favor of Second Amendment rights, it is because they have been bought off by a disfavored lobbying group looking to profit from carnage.”

In his column, If the NRA owns Republicans, Planned Parenthood owns Democrats,  Schneider also points out, “Rare are the stories exposing the money spent electing Democrats by unions, trial lawyers or environmental groups — all of which outspend the NRA year after year. In fact, since 2012, Planned Parenthood alone has donated virtually the same amount ($2.6 million) to individual candidates as the NRA ($2.7 million).”

While the mainstream media and most Hollywood types use any means available to spew Democrat narratives like a sulfur-belching geyser, they remain oblivious to the attendant stomach-turning odor. Apparently, anything that promotes the liberal agenda is welcomed, regardless of the method, or the stench it creates.

The agenda itself is not the issue in this case; that’s another topic for another time. The most offensive stench comes from the left’s unethical approach to promoting its agenda. In essence, anything goes, including the use of innuendo, false statements, half-truths in promoting its position and discrediting anyone in opposition.

Adding to the liberal stench is a large dose of hypocrisy; if it suited their purposes, agents of the liberal agenda would use lying, cheating and stealing as tools in a campaign against lying, cheating and stealing. The slamming of the NRA and praising of Planned Parenthood are notable examples. In one breath, liberals rail against NRA members and the organization itself as uncaring troglodytes who not only don’t care about preventing the deaths of innocent people, but seek to profit from it. In the next, they rail against anyone who opposes the killing of the most innocent beings on the planet- unborn babies.
Again, the issues aren’t whether additional legislation should be enacted to curtail gun-related violence, or whether abortion is the killing of innocents or a woman’s right to administer to her own body. The issues are the means and methods used to promote and discredit differing agendas.

Clearly, the mainstream media has become the Democrat Party’s publicity department. As such, anyone with even a modicum of intelligence has to view virtually every media report as having all the credibility of a fairy tale. That becomes crystal clear when reading articles in The Washington Post, which rivals The New York Times and CNN in its degree of biased, unethical reporting. In its attempt to disguise its agenda, The Post uses “Democracy Dies in Darkness” as its tag line, yet continues to assault democracy with the blinding glare of dishonesty.