Taco Mac – A Restaurant Review

By Lindy Earl 

I first became aware of Taco Mac (aka T-Mac) about a decade ago when I was in downtown Atlanta.  We were just coming up on the noon hour and friends and I were looking for a place to eat.  A gentleman from the restaurant was holding open the door and inviting patrons in.  I loved it!

Since then I have had the pleasure of eating at Taco Mac, in several of their locations around the Atlanta area, many times. There is a reason I keep returning, and a reason you should go if you haven’t yet.

Today’s lunch, and possibly supper, will be leftovers from the amazing and bountiful meal I ordered last night.  While T-Mac is known for their boneless wings (and with good reason!), I opted to have an entrée for supper.  I do this often as I have a little tummy.  Well, nobody told the cook I have a small appetite.

Upon entering the Taco Mac Restaurant on Crossville Road in Roswell, we were immediately seated, then immediately greeted by Carlos, an absolutely wonderful server.  Carlos was attentive but allowed us time to review the menu and chat – he was available but not invasive: the perfect combination.

I opted for the grilled chicken nacho appetizer.  The food was quickly delivered, piping hot.  When Carlos asked if we needed anything I immediately replied, “A to go box.”  He brought it on his next stop and I needed it.

While the food was delicious, the portion was so generous that it could have fed two to four people as their meal, not just an appetizer.

What a delightful experience!  Taco Mac is on my list of places to go where you know, no matter which of their many locations you visit, you will always receive great food and great service at, by the way, a great price.

Lindy, a columnist and restaurant reviewer, can be reached at LMEarl@EarlMarketing.com.