Swift and Finch In Rome Ga, My New Hangout

By Kenneth Stepp

Rome, Georgia is beautiful. Mountains, lakes, and rivers everywhere. And if you love turn of the century architecture as much as me, it’s an eyefest too. I recently moved here and began looking for my new people and searching for a place to write my column. Staring at a lake doesn’t do it for me. I like people and noise. My new spot has that and more.

The name is Swift and Finch. It’s a coffee shop on Broad Street downtown. Broad Street is the main road downtown and is full of interesting little shops and restaurants that locals own for the most part. The people are friendly and the conversations are pleasant.

What I love about Swift and Finch is the people. The employees are happy, engaging, and very friendly. It’s big enough to hold enough people to make enough noise to inspire me to write. It’s perfect for me. I believe I tried all or most of the coffee shops in Rome. All were great, this one felt like home.

I’ve tried the coffee, and had friends try the coffee. Various ones and and received two thumbs up from all of them. Since writing for Georgia News Daily I have moved three times. Dallas, Lithia Springs and now Rome. The truth is I visited Rome years ago to attend a political thing and fell in love. Rome is a gem of a town.

I get out most weekdays and will visit my coffee shop most of them. It’s good to have a home away from home. I said I like the coffee but that isn’t my favorite thing on the menu. They make a mean strawberry and banana smoothie. I highly recommend that smoothie. And the shop itself

Come visit my hangout sometime…

Swift And Finch 600 Broad St, Rome, GA 30161

6:30 AM To 8:00 PM Monday Through Saturday