Single Again… The Fire

By Kenneth Stepp

Have you ever met someone that you could feel the chemistry so strong that it felt like electricity? You are instantly in need of touching them, your mind takes you to a world of desire when your skin touches. Deep inside you feel you must have this person. It’s a magical feeling that I have been fortunate enough to experience. I hope you have as well.

Chemistry is an amazing miracle that happens when two people that were meant to meet actually meet. This is of course, only one mans opinion. When it happens, the spark we felt before we met becomes a flame, in rare cases, that flame becomes all consuming and there is no stopping what happens next.  

Being single and of a mature age in life comes with many caveats. First, we have to think about our personal safety more these days. Robbery, crime, and scammers are everywhere and seem to be feasting on the singles community.

Then there is the fact that we remember what we believe is normal. This leads us to try to find someone who will help our life get back to what we remember normal was, and that included another person.

On top of all of that, the physical attentiveness that we once had still wants attention. Yes, that is what you think and not what you think at the same time. Sometimes just holding hands is the intimacy that we need at the moment. Holding hands for me is an important test of the chemistry between myself and another.

Touch… My wife and I took a 5 week course at our church on the five love languages. My number one was touch. There is something about touch. A touch can be kind, loving, caring, and even erotic. Touch is so important to me and so many others. Body contact can actually heal according to some studies I’ve looked at. It’s important to us all.

We are all made out of subatomic particles. As a matter of fact, everything is. Have you ever wondered why something you see or touch excites you? When I look at a building that was built hundreds of years ago, I feel something from it. And if every particle we are made of changes every 6 months, perhaps I feel my history in its history. Stranger things, right?

Could it be that when we meet someone and those particles cause desire or feelings of want, maybe even familiarity, that a part of us is a part of them? Philosophy moves my soul when I try to wrap my mind around  chemistry. But when I get close to someone and that fire ignites, I know I’m where I belong.

The fire, I believe we all want to feel the heat from it. It may be down deep, hidden in the dark recesses of your soul, but when that flame is lit between two people, one of two things should happen. Stay, build something, and enjoy, or separate yourself from it. Either one is ok as long as it’s your decision. Why would separation be an option? Well, the heat is amazing, but you are still playing with fire…