Single Again… Broken

By Kenneth Stepp

Broken… We hear this word in the singles community often. We all have a different definition of it though. I’ve heard it described from dollar signs to death of someone who was loved. The thing about being broken is that it’s a heart issue, we can’t explain it mathematically. Broken is more about being forced down, all the way down.

We’ve all had tragedies in our lives. Things just happen. Life has a way of humbling the proudest among us. Arrogance is not something many can display their entire life. We get knocked down, we stand back up. Some of us do not stand as tall as we once did.

I am a perfect example of that. From married from 24 years, from being wealthy, from having standing and a certain station in life, to the man who stands before you today. Life humbled me. Life molded me, through many events, into what I now consider, a decent man. Everyone is being molded into something.

I run a small Christian singles support group and a large non religious singles support group on facebook. I hear stories, I get to know people in various stages of brokenness. It saddens me when I cannot help them in some way, all I can do is offer to listen, offer advice, from a guy good at failing, and simply be there. At times, that’s enough.

I collect people. I know what that sounds like, nothing nefarious or selfish about it. I meet so many people along singles my journey, there are some who are truly amazing humans. I collect those people. I make a great friend and love to make great friends and have them in my orbit. They make life so much better.

Most of my real friends have been broken, maybe all of them, so when I have a day where I fall apart, they don’t judge, they listen, love, and care me back to where I need to be. The singles community can be brutal on one another. Having a base of very close friends that understand and care makes all the difference.

I often wonder how different being single would be if all of us lived by the golden rule. Treat everyone the way we want to be treated. Imagine knowing every word told to you was completely true. Imagine knowing that if you meet someone and decide to try to have a long term relationship that they’d always be faithful and loyal. Imagine everyone treating you like you treat them.

That last sentence should frighten some of you. If you were treated the same way you treat others, you’d probably be a little softer, a little more humble, and so much kinder than you currently are. I know I would. I do practice what I preach though. I believe everyone that took the time to know me would say I am kind. Not a bad thing to have said about you and it takes so little effort.

If you haven’t been broken yet, it’s coming. It’s always on its way. Brokenness is a space we will all occupy at some point. Some of us will visit there only once, then there are some of us that wake up and find ourselves there often.

I’m visiting there today.  Be patient with me for a moment…

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Grace is defined as unmerited favor, favour in the eyes of God. … Gracefully Broken is to be broken by God so that He can take you to a new level with Him, to be broken so that God can promote you and put you in a place where you can experience a new blessing, to be used and filled by Him.