Ask Lindy . . . Why Did He Stop Calling?

By Lindy Earl

Dear Lindy,

A gentleman and I have been texting. It has been fun, but all of a sudden he has stopped all communication. Of course I feel that this is rude and unacceptable.  What should I do?


Dear Confused,

I am guessing that your gentleman friend has been texting more people than you, and maybe he took one of the other conversations to the next level. If this is so, I think you should count him down. I do not think, however, that you should count him out.  Do not be surprised if he resurfaces.

Since you consider his behavior rude, however, you may want to prepare a response if he does return.  Or, you can return to fun texting.

Dear Lindy,

As I return to dating I realize I am like a fish out of water.  How does this work? What do I do? Things have changed so drastically since I last dated over 20 years ago…


Dear Clueless,

While dating has certainly changed in the past decade or two (or three), some things remain the same and dating is like riding a bicycle. Once you get back to it, you’ll be riding along fine.

First, remember your manners.  They still count. Be the gentleman your mama raised you to be. Second, begin every friendship with good communication and work at keeping communication strong. If you are thinking something then find a gentle way of sharing your thoughts. Third, be willing to express your feelings as a relationship progresses.  Nobody wants to wonder where they stand in a relationship.

Those are a good place to start.  You’ll be fine!

Dear Lindy,

My mother-in-law never liked me so we never really got along.  She complained about the way I kept house, the way I dressed, and the meals I made. I think an underlying problem was that we never gave her grandchildren. Now that I’m divorced, what should I do?

-Recently Divorced

Dear Friend,

Be happy that she is no longer your mother-in-law.

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