Mesha Mainor Georgia’s Newest Republican

District 56 State Representative Mesha Mainor

On Twitter– My name is Rep. Meisha Mainor and today I made the decision to leave the Democrat Party. I represent a blue district in the city of Atlanta so this wasn’t a political decision for me. It was a MORAL one. I will NEVER apologize for being a black woman with a mind of my own.

The extreme differences between liberal and conservative philosophies have created a political environment more akin to a Hatfield & McCoy feud (or a Wile E Coyote- Road Runner cartoon) than a legitimate government. And the inner workings of the major American political parties are as starkly different as their political philosophies.

More than one legislative bill supported by a majority of Republicans has failed because dissenters within the party refused to vote for passage. Beyond that, the Republican party is grappling with differences between  MAGA (Make America Great Again) and non-MAGA members and between RHINOs (Republican In Name Only) and true conservatives.

On the other side of the aisle, Democrats don’t face the same schisms. Although some on the left may speak in opposition to a party position, when it comes time to vote, they all fall in line and march (and vote) in lock step. And on the rare occasion when a Democrat steps out of line, he or she receives the same type of treatment as the cartoon character who was just pushed off a cliff.

Doubters need only look at Mesha Mainor, Georgia State Representative for District 56, and the state’s newest Republican. Ms. Mainor is the exception that proves the rule. She had the temerity to vote for legislation she felt would best serve people in her district. In the past, she has voted in favor of a GOP sponsored bill that limited the ability of counties to reduce funding for police. She also supported the creation of a state oversight commission invested with the power to investigate and remove local prosecutors.

But the coup de gras was her being the lone Democrat to vote in favor of expanding the school voucher (school choice) program. Almost immediately after that vote, Democrats began labelling her as a rogue and threatened to launch challengers to her reelection. (Note that the legislation failed because a number of Republicans voted against it.)

According to an APNews report, “The tension between Mainor and other Democrats burst into the open earlier this year after Mainor became the only Democrat to vote for a school voucher bill that failed after a number of House Republicans broke ranks to oppose it. School choice has always had some support among urban Black Democrats, but Mainor’s fellow party members reacted with scorn even as Republicans rallied to Mainor’s support. State Sen. Josh McLaurin, an Atlanta Democrat, posted a picture of a $1,000 check online for a primary challenger, writing “All I need is a name.” McLaurin has also been quoted as saying, “Good riddance” in reference to Ms. Mainor’s party change.

(Reading through McLaurin’s Twitter page, his comments are not surprising. He appears to be a troubled person who has ingested gallons of Democrat Kool-Aid and it seems he has nothing good to say about anything or anybody. Ultimately, he may prove to be the most effective recruiting tool for the Republican party.)

Ms Mainor is also quoted in the APNews report as urging to consider leaving the Democrat party, “I am encouraging more Black Americans and Black Democrats in particular – you might have this coat on, but I suggest you look at the lining. See what’s on the inside.” She also noted “Members of the Democrat Party have publicly slandered me in every way imaginable.” Demonstrating once again that the party of “tolerance” has no tolerance for anyone who does not toe the party line.