May 24th Non-Partisan Election Guide

The May 24th election is a primary for Republicans and Democrats, and a general election for judges and school board offices.s

Vote 2022

Early voting for the May 24th election begins on May 2nd. Republican and Democrat candidates will face off in a primary and judge and school board candidates (both non-partisan elections) will be participating in a general election. Our primary recommendations will be covered in a separate article.

For Superior Court Judge

Tracie Cason

Angela Duncan

Tim Hamil

The three Gwinnett County incumbent Superior Court judges who have opposition are unquestionably the best candidates. The Georgia News Daily staff researched all candidates and recommends voting for Tim Hamil, Tracie Cason and Angel Duncan. All three judges have outstanding multi-year records and are known for their integrity, fair-mindedness and competence. Even the attorney community largely supports the re-election of these judges.

On the other hand, the opponents of the incumbent judges don’t seem to have anything to offer other than typical campaign rhetoric. Aside from having a law degree, we could find no information that indicated that they have the qualifications to be excellent judges. And based on some of their campaign statements, it appears they would be soft on crime. The last thing Gwinnett County needs is a judge who would not hold criminals accountable.

For Gwinnett County School Board

Michael Rudnick- Post 2

Alexis Williams- Post 4

A majority of current school board members seem to be more concerned with implementing racial divisiveness than with focusing on basic and essential education. This situation has led to ongoing controversy between parents and the board. School board meetings are often more like a verbal professional wrestling event than an actual meeting with School Resource Officers (SRO) on hand to keep things under control. Ironically, some of the board members who have called for increased SRO presence at meetings are the same ones who want to banish them from schools.

Michael Rudnick and Alexis Williams have both advocated for less hostility, listening to and acting upon parental concerns and eliminating divisive practices. If Gwinnett County schools are to remain among the best in the state, it will take a significant change in the focus of the school board and members like Rudnick and Williams to make that happen.