Life is About Living… Not just Surviving

Regina Maria

There are days when life just slows us down. Days when we feel less than perfect. Days when everything seems to slow down. Life has a way of sucking the life out of us if we let it. Stress at home and stress at work steal our joy. Responsibilities weigh us down. There are days we need to step back and look around us and stop for a moment. Breathe. Life is worth living. Life is worth slowing down and enjoying the view. We are given a time on this earth….we are here for a purpose, but we also need to enjoy what God has gifted us with. Go see the beautiful views, take that vacation, smell the roses, and enjoy the view. Life is about living…not just surviving.

Most days we are surviving, not living. We go through the motions, making it from one moment to the next, and doing it over and over everyday. We don’t stop, we don’t slow down, until we are completely burnt out. We take very little time for ourselves and are always doing for others. It’s a vicious cycle that we live. We need to take time for ourselves. Time to smile, time to laugh, time to enjoy all that He has given us. We are constantly on the go and the busyness of life is all we do. We run around at home trying to please everyone. We go to work trying to get everything done. Then we are back to our home trying to perfect our surroundings. Life is sooo much more than this. Get out and live. Enjoy all that He has given you. It’s time for you….not them….just you to step away and live.

Dear Heavenly Father- We are all surviving until one day we will be gone without living. Please help us to slow down and take time for ourselves. Live a little, laugh alot, and stop and smell the roses. In Jesus’ name. Amen.