Lead by Example

By Regina Maria

We all have hopes and dreams to be someone who exemplifies all that is good. I always wanted to be that person. I wanted more for my children than I myself have. I worked hard and showed them the meaning of balancing a house with work, school, and family. I had high hopes for them. I wasn’t perfect, but I had hoped that my lead would spark something in them. Teach them values that run deep. My failure with this shows in my eyes.

Now that I am given a work opportunity, I feel less than capable. But everyone says I have worked hard and have the ability to do the job. This time though, I had a boss who took me under her wing and showed me what it is like to be a true leader. One who leads, not manages. One who isn’t afraid to get out there and do the work. One who has so much grace and compassion that it spills over into everything she touches and everyone she meets. She showed me what it is like to lead with passion, to love the job you do and do it fervently.

Now she has left for bigger and better things. Her time spent well. But it’s time to move forward.. GOD has greater plans. She was not a manager, she was a leader; fierce and mighty. She fought with compassion and served with up knowledge and wisdom that comes from putting Him first. She exemplifies a servant leader. I can only pray that I can become half the person she is because she definitely lead by example. She has faith. She is an inspiration. She encouraged me to want to lead the way she does because it shows the heart.

And although we may be vulnerable at times, when we stand strong we can do anything we put our mind too. “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13 NKJV Megon Adkins Steele Dear Heavenly Father – Thank you for setting the example and helping us to follow. Please give us the wisdom and discernment needed to succeed. Allow my eyes to see, ears to hear, and mind to be steadfast. I want to lead by example and be all You intend me to be in Jesus’ name. Amen.