Joe Biden- Reaching Out and Touching

A parody campaign web site that captures the real Joe biden

Joe Biden is reaching and touching and in spite of that- or because of it- he appears to be the Democratic front-runner for the 2020 presidential primary. This parody web site ( has snippets of Biden’s colorful past- a past that you can almost reach out and touch.

Uncle Joe is back and ready to take a hands-on approach to America’s problems! Joe Biden has a good feel for the American people and knows exactly what they really want deep down. He’s happy to open up and reveal himself to voters and will give a pounding to anybody who gets in his way! And for the times when Joe isn’t around, you can order t-shirts that commemorate his slick moves.

And for the times you can’t be touched by Uncle Joe, you can wear a Joe Biden t-shirt to have that touchy-feely experience wherever you go.

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