GWINNETT: Snapchat Threat Causes More Police At Metro School

From Patch

LAWRENCEVILLE, GA — Central Gwinnett High Social has an increased police presence Wednesday after the school was made aware of a Snapchat post that is floating around on social media.

School police and administrators are investigating but have nothing to substantiate the threat, according to Sloan Roach, executive director of Communication and Media Relations. The school does have an additional police presence today as a precaution.

Principal Shane Orr sent a communication out Wednesday morning to make sure parents were aware of it and that the school is investigating.

Lawrenceville Police said they were notified there was a perceived threat but that they didn’t have involvement and Gwinnett School Resource Officers handled the incident.

Here is the message on the school’s website:

Dear Central Gwinnett High School Students, Staff, and Parents/Guardians:

This alert is here to share with you that we are aware of a social media posting that indicated a possible threat to our school. It appears to stem from a Snapchat post a few of our students saw last night. This was reported to school officials first thing this morning and our School Resource Officers and police are investigating.

Although we have no evidence to substantiate the threat, we are taking it seriously and as a precaution will have an increased police presence on campus today. Unfortunately, these types of social media rumors can be very disruptive to a school community. By the very nature of social media and how quickly things like this spread, it is likely that some of you may have seen this posting or may encounter it. Again, I want to reassure you that we are aware of this and are actively investigating this matter. As you know, providing our students and staff with a safe school community is a priority. I know this is a priority we all share. As always, I thank you for your continued support of our school and students!


Shane Orr Principal