Georgia State Patrol issues almost 180 tickets, 800 warnings in new hands-free driving law


Nearly a week into Georgia’s new hands-free driving law, officers are cracking down, handing out several citations to drivers.

In the last 24 hours, the Georgia State Patrol has released new state-wide numbers behind tickets issued against drivers.

Just five days after the law went into effect on July 1, 179 tickets and 795 warnings have been issued to drivers across the state.

These numbers are up from the 34 tickets and 98 written warnings given on the very first day of the law.

The GSP is reminding drivers that if you are caught with your phone in hand, you will get pulled over.

The aim of the law is to stop drivers from texting or answering emails, even at a red light.

The only exceptions to the law are if you have an emergency, like medical calls, fire, criminal activity or bad road conditions.

Just as a reminder, Columbus police say there is no grace period, which means you will not be given a warning if you are caught.