Police issue BOLO for man who groped two GSU

 – The Georgia State University and Atlanta Police Departments have posted a lookout after three reports of a man groping women.

Georgia State Police issued an electronic alert to students after two female students said they were groped on campus Monday afternoon.

He’s grabbing their rear ends and saying inappropriate sexual things running away. It’s not happening randomly. It’s happening in broad daylight in different buildings full of students. That’s why we need someone to identify him so we can catch him before his crimes escalate,” said GSU Police Chief Joseph Spillane.

In that incident, GSU officers responded to calls of a suspicious person who groped the buttocks of two female students in the area of Langdale Hall, Library South, and Library Plaza.

“I usually feel safe here with the different security measures in place at Georgia State, so it’s really shocking that something this bold would happen,

Police did not find the man but victims identified him in security video as a short black man wearing a blue shirt, camouflage pants, black sneakers, large headphones, and carrying a black backpack with grey trim.

That same day, Atlanta Police had a report of a man grabbing the buttocks of another woman in the Auburn Avenue area, not far from the Georgia State campus.

“People who stoop that low are just repulsive. It’s disgusting and I wouldn’t want that to happen to me or any of my friends around me, ” said Chris William’s, a freshman from Fayetteville, Georgia.

As a result of the incidents, Georgia State Police have advised female students to walk in groups of 2 or more.

“I think it’s very brave that the women came forward and told police what happened. I just hope they’re able to catch him,” said GSU freshman Aaron Fields.