Coyote Stupid- Dar’Shun Kendrick Story Goes National

This article was originally published on October 24, 2020, and for over a year, it has been one of our most frequently viewed stories. We have updated its publication date to improve accessibility.

After attempting to call out President Trump on Twitter, Dar’Shun Kendrick’s Tweet went viral and was widely slammed as the epitome of stupidity. It was even mentioned on national television. This isn’t the first time Kendrick has gone off in the weeds with anti-Trump comments and our bet is that it won’t be the last. But none of her past posts have displayed such a high degree of ignorance. Obviously, she was unaware the “coyote” is a term used to describe people paid by migrants to bring them into the United States illegally.

As expected, the social media responses have been hilarious. One of our favorites is, “The question, ‘How the hell can a coyote carry a human across the border’ leads to an even more compelling question. ‘How can an idiot be a state representative?’ Then there’s this one-

Dar’Shun Kendrichas been the state representative for District 93 for several years. Judging by her Facebook posts, race and her hatred of Trump are her sole motivating factors. Ignorance pumped up by arrogance, as shown below.

Dar’shun Nicole Kendrick  October 22 at 9:58 PM

  ok. So when does the fly get to give opening remarks? ????Because I know they smell that S—t coming from @realDonaldTrump #FinalDebate

And finally-