2022 Primary Election Guide

Vote 2022

Our recommendations for the 2022 primaries are below. Not listed are races where a candidate has no opposition and races where there isn’t much to distinguish one candidate from another.

For the non-partisan elections, see our May 24th Non-Partisan Election Guide


U. S Senate- Herschel Walker

U.S. House of Representatives- District 6- Rich McCormick

Governor- Brian Kemp

Lieutenant Governor- Butch Miller

Secretary of State- Jody Hice

Attorney General- Chris Carr

State Senate- District 6- Angelic Moore

State Senate- District 37- Ed Setzler

State Senate- District 47- Frank Ginn

State Senate- District 52- Chuck Hufstetler

State House- District 100- Bonnie Rich

Insurance Commissioner- John King

State School Superintendent- Richard Woods

Labor Commissioner- Bruce Thompson


U.S, Senate-Raphael Warnock

House of Representatives- Disctict 7- Carolyn Bourdeaux

Lieutenant Governor- Charlie Bailey

State Senate- District 55- Gege Odion

State House- District 106- Rebecca Mitchell

Solicitor General- Gwinnett County- Lisa Marie Bristol

Secretary of State- John Eaves

Attorney General- Jen Jordan

Agriculture Commissioner- Fred Swann

Insurance Commissioner- Matthew Wilson

Labor Commissioner- Lester Jackson