Single Again… Two Hearts Become One

By Kenneth Stepp


Have you experienced it? I have only once. This is when two love equally, two damaged, hurt, scared hearts, beaten from exposure, are miraculously joined as one. You would think nothing could separate them again. Yet it did. It was all my fault.  It’s been so long. Blind sighted, lied to, and manipulated. That was me, and it was me that succumbed to these tactics.


How does one come back from this loss? Mine actually ended well. We are still part of one another’s lives today. We are great friends. Romance is long gone, but what’s left is far more valuable than that. I wouldn’t trade one for the other for anything on earth.


Sometimes two hearts are joined, not by romance, but by friendship, like the one I just mentioned. I have another friend I met when I was 19, I was in a fight with 3 guys in the parking lot of a pizza joint that was a local hangout. I heard a voice running to my side, “I’ll help you Kenny”, my answer, “They’re mine!”, I knew that night we would be friends for life. He tells that story better than me. Through very good, and very bad times, we still are great friends. For you history buffs. Abe Lincoln was president then, making me very old. And before you blame me. I had nothing to do with the Abe’s death at the theater that night. It was a terrible play anyway.


People are an interesting study. They are so complex and wonderful. Other than bullies, I love them all. I call all the different people in my life, my mosaic. I can’t think of a better word for them. All so different, so amazing, so wonderful. They are black, white, Christians, Muslims, Spiritualists, Atheists, Gay, Straight, and maybe something in between. When I discovered God wanted me to love them all and judge no one. It changed my life forever. Now, I have so many real friends, care about everyone I meet, and want to make a difference in lives for the good every chance I get. It’s why I dedicate energy to my nonprofit. People are the greatest commodity in the universe. All people. Not just those like me. It isn’t my “job” to point out their faults. Just to love them.


Back to two very special hearts beating as one. This is a true phenomenon it turns out.


“Psychology says that when people in love stare into each other’s eyes, their heart beats can start syncing together” – Psych Fact


My advice is to be the love someone seeks and allow them to be yours. Be it friendship, romance, or something in between (yes there is a between). This is a way can enjoy life instead enduring it.


My friends know that my heart will join another one day. They know my destiny is her, my Her. I have actually arranged my life to be easy for her to adjust to. She will always know she is loved. She will never wonder about my heart because it will be one with hers. She will see a man dedicated to her and her alone. I’m on that path now. Wish me luck…



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