Single Again… The Storm

By Kenneth Stepp

Today I am remembering when a ton of tornadoes came through my hometown of Louisville Kentucky when I was young. I remember the storms or storm seemed to be everywhere. I watched on TV as trees and houses were torn apart, floods, and very high winds. It is be seared into my memory forever. 

I remember the next morning vividly. It was quiet, the entire town came out to examine the area. I watched the news reports on places I knew that were demolished. In my young mind, it was the most damaging thing I had ever seen. Very few people were left untouched. The day after felt odd, something just happened and nothing would ever be the same again.

This depiction of events now remind me of what it is like to be in the dating world these days. The sun is shining, the skies are clear, and boom, it begins to rain. In the distance you hear thunder, winds pick up, and like the floods that came that day, your memory floods with emotions you hoped would never return. Fear, loss, and damage always follow.

Louisville rebuilt after that storm. It took time, hard work, and for some, counseling. Maybe some meds as well. One thing is for sure. I will always remember that storm and we will always remember the loss when someone that matters to us says, you’ll never hear from me again. Memories are kind to us, we mostly just remember the good times. 

I recently experienced this loss. One of many it seems. You never really get use to it. You simply learn to live with it. My storm just passed through, it came with all the usual players, mostly it was the floods. A flood of anger, hurt, emotions, and of course, damage and destruction. Rebuilding is needed if I am to have my town back again. 

Being single is not easy these days. Dating is full of hazzards. I sometimes refer to it as a dance floor with landmines all over it. And they’re hidden. We can be dancing and having fun, and we hit a landmine. That landmine can come in many forms. Getting an, I love you on the first date, finding they investigated you before you met, maybe they are still married but want to leave. We also call them red flags. It’s exhausting.

For me, my dancing shoes will go back in their box in the back of the closet until I clean up after the storm. My storm left a mess, it left so much damage. And I can’t have another guest till my house is back in order. 

Be kind to one another out there guys. We’re all swimming in the same sea looking for a liferaft that looks like we will fit in it. I’ve tried a few of them and so far, they left a tumultuous wake of my feeling strone everywhere. Good luck on your journey fellow water treaders. 



  1. I can relate to your feeling 100%. My love is has been in heaven for
    Over 20 years. I talk to him all the time. To know he is near has given
    me many days and nights of peace, sweet dreams and countless wonderful memories . Point is don’t put those dancing shoe to
    far away , you never know when you may need them again.

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