Single Again… More Than Just a Number

By Kenneth Stepp


Math… To me that isn’t just a word, it stands for reality, truth, and math gives us all something we can depend on to be right. After all, one plus one will always be two. In a world that seems to have lost all sense of logic and reason, math still stands firm as the standard bearer. Math is a science and sometimes stands with other sciences. For example, these days some people believe there are as many as fifty seven (last count in New York City Government) genders (one is peanut butter, IKR). And while freedom dictates that you can call yourself whatever you want in America, science tells us there are only two genders. A girl and a boy, male and female. So saying something doesn’t make it true, math and a few other sciences will always win out in a world where there are knowns.


Now you are thinking that I am on a political rant or something just as trite. Nope, I vote for myself when I vote, I am not political in the least, I dabbled in politics years ago, was even elected into a state position once. No thanks, not my world. But the sea of singles is my world, those who travel along beside me are my travel companions. We are all on this journey together. And always close by is my good friends, Math. You see there are those who can crunch numbers and tell you most everything that will happen to us in the future. Math tells us that most of us will never find our soulmate, many of us will marry again then find it was a mistake, and a rare few of us will find the one we were created to spend our lives with. So we are all just another number, right? Not so fast…


I am me, just an individual with goals, desires, and a unique personality all my own. I make decisions based on so many layers of myself. My past hurts, wins, losses, and so many other things that makes me different from everyone else. You are as unique as I. You have had wins and losses just like me. This means that although as a whole, numbers matter, but as unique creatures, they do not. You and I are on equal ground in our search for that one wonderful human being we were meant to be with. My odds are as good as anyone’s because of my uniqueness. So while the math matters, we are so much more than just a number. Somewhere out there we have someone that will love our kind of weird. Somewhere out there, for me at least, someone will accept my issues and my mess and help me work through them to build a life together.


So you see, we need to shake off the “I’m just a number” mentality and embrace the very special individuel that we are. I am searching for two people in one body. I am searching for a girl that will accept all of me, even the rough parts, and I’m searching for a girl that I can serve. Someone who’s life I will change for the good. A girl with imperfections, flaws, and a history not everyone understands. This journey has made me understand how much I can love and how much I do not care about things that may bother others. Love, unconditional love makes perfect happen, not perfection, that can never be obtained by anyone. Love creates perfect within a forgiving and understanding relationship.


Remember you aren’t just a number, just a statistic, or just a speck on the map. You are you and you are all you have. That means you have great worth, you are a one of a kind gem in a sea of stones. Never forget that and never settle. Find the one who will love your heart and guard it with all they have in them. When your soulmate sees you, knows your heart, and understands your value, you have arrived. Wait for it. Pray for it. And accept nothing less. You are all that special person has ever wanted. Yes you will have to work for that relationship, but this special person will be worth it. Wait for that…

“The rest of your life is a very long time, don’t settle for mediocracy” – k stepp