Single Again… Love Is a Miracle

By Kenneth Stepp

If you know me very well at all, you know that I’m a mess. You know because I say it all the time. I am scattered, I have severe adult ADD that actually gets worse with age, I’m an anarchist as far as the government goes, and what many would consider a minimalist as well. To my friends, most of this makes me entertaining, to a potential mate, it can repel the weak ones. This is why I am constantly writing about unconditional love as opposed to the love society speaks of, for the most part. Kind of a surface type of love, it feels good to say and hear, but has no depth at all. At the first real problem, sickness, or distraction, the fake love disappears, while unconditional love stands it’s ground and will fight shoulder to shoulder with you, no matter what. Love is a miracle.

Is real love magic? Of course it is. Real love is unconditional, always was, always will be. Real love has that one special ingredient that surface love is missing. Acceptance. As simple as it sounds, it’s true. The first girl I met after becoming single taught me this. I can remember her sitting there, we were in her room, she and I were as exposed as two humans can be. This is all I have to offer anyone, she said. I learned how important acceptance was that day and after processing that conversation over the years, I’ve gotten a pretty clear view of what real love is. To accept me, my flaws, my past, my issues… Well, it would take a real miracle, so yes, love is a magical thing. Love is  truly amazing, and a gift, I believe, from our creator. Love is a miracle.

Yesterday I was in Newnan Georgia. Newnan is my favorite town that’s near me, it’s less than an hour away. It’s the town where I learned more about love than any other place on Earth. It’s where I learned how much acceptance means in a relationship and that acceptance in a byproduct of unconditional love. Historic, very southern, and a beautiful little town. No wonder I love visiting there. Well, the memories too, I suppose. So where am I going with this? This morning I crawled, and I mean crawled out of bed and had a thought, who would want this mess of a man? At first I was disappointed in the fact I was thinking this way, then it hit me, we probably all have these moments. All of us have found ourselves staring back into our own eyes in the mirror and thinking, who? Love is a miracle.

I love you… These are sacred words to me. Let me unwrap what they mean when I say them to you. First, I accept you the way you are, you are not perfect, but perfect to me. You are safe with me. It’s taken me a number of years to understand what that means, mainly because I’ve dealt with loving alone and all that that entails. Should we love and be together, you are safe from being judged, safe from anyone harming you in my presence, including me, safe from loneliness, and safe from fear of being left alone as long as my heart is beating. You are protected, I would give my life for yours without hesitation. Love does that. My life would be dedicated to you and you would be my purpose. Everything I do from that day forward would be filtered through what is best for you. I love you means so much more than just words. Love is a miracle.

“Miracles happen, and the magic of a miracle will illuminate the darkest heart” –k stepp