Single Again… “I Can Only Imagine”

By Kenneth Stepp


Do you hear it? Are you listening? That song is playing in your head. I know it has been in my mind for over a month. I can only imagine… We use to sing it in my old church often. Lately, I suppose because of the movie released with the same name and song, I’ve been walking around my home singing it. Today was the first time I asked myself what I would imagine into existence in my own life? Unwrapping that question further, what would I imagine into existence into my love life? Why? Because my search for forever love has taken me down many unfamiliar roads, many I wish I’d never traveled. So what would my imaginary journey look like?


Immature love says: ‘I love you because I need you.’ Mature love says ‘I need you because I love you”’ –Erich Fromm


Safety: I can imagine a love unseen by this heart before. A love so pure that we are always safe with one another. No words, opinions, or misunderstandings could ever come between us. A love so pure that we never wonder if we are loved. A love so pure that being safe together changes who we are. Our love becomes our island we run to when the world growls too loudly. A love that offers the safety of freedom to be us and a love so pure that time and distance could never change what our hearts know about one another. A love so pure that we know we are safe together. The world outside of us can rage, but inside of us, we are safe.


“Where there is love there is life” – Mahatma Gandhi


Honesty: I can imagine our love. We know this love and the purity of it because all pretense vanished immediately. We are simply ourselves, our true selves. Truth is the glue that holds our love together. There is never reason for ambiguity, deceit, or convoluted answers. Our love is strong and only honesty and truth can live within its constraints. We are, as the Bible mentions, in the world but not of it. We are a part of the whole, but not connected to it. Our pure love requires honesty, yet never judges it. A love this pure is an honest love that can and will survive because it is transparent and demands transparency within itself, and transparency is freely given.


“The greatest gift that you can give to others is the gift of unconditional love and acceptance” – Brian Tracy


Acceptance: I can imagine her. She isn’t perfect, and I’m far from it, yet we are okay. Our love is so pure that flaws, imperfections, and our pasts do not matter. We have a love so powerful and pure that I accept her fully and she accepts me the same way. We recognize our paths were directed to one another for a reason. I want her and all that is her. She wants me the same way. Acceptance has dynamics to it, such as forgiveness, grace, and faith,that we are always on one another’s side. Our love is contagious. When love is shown through actions, counter actions of love are returned–not because we have to, but because we want to. Real love is acceptance in its purest form. Our love is a real love, an honest love, a safe love. It will always be.


“You cannot control who you fall in love with, but you can control what you do when it comes” – Anon


Unconditional love is real. God showed us this in its purest, most beautiful, form. Real love is giving, not giving up. Real love is two hearts melting into one, never to be two again. Real love is knowing and not wondering. Real love. I can only imagine… 


“Love is always perfect and forever, Relationships are never perfect and seldom forever”

– Kenneth Stepp



  1. Real love includes each partner asking the other one daily how can i make you happy today?Because forever love focuses on the happiness of the other person. Each person puts their own needs on the back burner.Yet their needs are fulfilled daily.

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