Free Speech Is At Risk, Even If We Disagree, “All Speech Matters”

By Kenneth Stepp

First Amendment:

“An amendment to the United States Constitution guaranteeing the rights of free expression and action that are fundamental to democratic government. These rights include freedom of assembly, freedom of the press, freedom of religion, and freedom of speech”

Today, something happened and the very people who should have cared the most, applauded. Info Wars, or Alex Jones were removed from youtube and Apple. You may not agree with Mr Jones, but we all share something great and something that defines us as Americans. Freedom.

Today, Mr Jones had his freedom of speech stripped from him. His 2.5 million subscribers did too. Infowars calls themselves a news media. CNN, MSNBC do too. I catch them all in lies about the same amount of time. Yet the only one “taken down” was the one that doesn’t have contracts with globalist companies and governments. I hope that gives you the same pause it did me…

I’ve watched Alex Jones from time to time over the years. For much of his career he was in the “scare-tainment” business. Meaning he kept his followers scared of what might happen next. CNN does it too, MSNBC does it, they all do it. The only common denominator in the ones that remain on air is that they feed us globalist and government propaganda.

It was only recently that I learned about our government using taxpayer funds to pay media companies. $600 million dollar contract to The Washington Post. Is it any wonder that they hired the Clinton campaign manager when the campaign ended? Are we really paying for salaries indirectly with taxpayer money? Or even worse, for the media to feed an ignorant public stories and lies to help a government narrative taste better to hungry minds that can’t wait to hate someone like Mr Jones?

Today something happened, it was bigger than most think. Today was the beginning of the end of free speech as we know it unless we are willing to stand up to the media in America and tell them we won’t stand for this. Youtube, Google, Apple, and Twitter, among others have become utilities. They are publicly traded and  are used the same way we use our electric companies. Because they are traded publicly they are, by law, ordered to make profit and do what they must to make profit. But they engage in personal vendetta’s that reduce profits. And by doing this they are attacking our 1st amendment rights.

Something big happened today…


To call the mainstream press today “fake news” is missing the point. More insidiously the press today is a weaponized propaganda arm of the Democratic Party. While my more liberal friends may enjoy the slavish devotion of lapdog “journalists,” in the long run it hurts us all.

Our government wants you to think they’re afraid of terrorists, but they’re really more afraid of independent journalists.