Georgia Democratic Political Games

The Turnip Truck Chronicles

Whether you’re a Republican or a Democrat, you should be infuriated by the action of the Georgia Democrat party. Specifically, as reported by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, “Active left-leaning voters got pinged with a blitz of text messages over the weekend from Democratic Party of Georgia officials with a request: Run for city office.”

Virtually all city council races are non-partisan; the Democratic blitz is an attempt to politicize non-partisan elections for the benefit of the party at the expense of the municipalities. The expense is the result of what appears to be the party officials’ complete lack of concern about the qualifications of recruits. Judging by the background information we found, it seems that anyone who hadn’t been convicted of a felony was welcomed with open arms.

One candidate has been in court at least 25 times, charged with child abandonment, multiple charges of failure to pay child support, vehicle abandonment, and dispossessory (failure to pay rent). Another candidate has six small claims actions, another had multiple dispossessory charges. Every charge didn’t result in a conviction as many were settled after court action had been initiated. However, there is a consistency of failure to pay bills among a number of recruited candidates.

If these people have consistently showed no concern about their personal financial and social responsibilities, why on earth would anyone want them making decisions that affect the entire population of a city? Of course, the master plan would be to keep court records out of the public eye.

That brings us to the sub-title of our 2019 series of election articles- “The Turnip Truck Chronicles”- a nod to the old saying, “I didn’t just fall off the turnip truck”. In the case of the 2019 municipal elections, many of the candidates, do in fact seem to have fallen off that proverbial truck. Some have never been involved with their city, some have never even voted in a city election, and some appear to bask in the glow of their ignorance about virtually every aspect of city government.

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Kenneth Stepp and Debbie Johnson contributed to this article.