Georgia News Daily Endorses Rob Woodall

To borrow a line we’ve used previously, “the difference between Congressman Rob Woodall and his opponent is that Woodall has done it, his opponent “is gonna”. That isn’t meant to [Read More]


The Mueller Investigation- An Attempt to Turn Garbage into Gold

Whether you’re a Republican, a Democrat, a Libertarian or an independent, the attempt by the Mueller investigation to turn garbage into gold, as discussed in this video , should be [Read More]


Desperation and Overreach Raise Questions in Lt Governor Race

David Shafer is obviously the leading candidate for Lieutenant Governor, a fact demonstrated by the negative campaigning of some of his opponents. A complaint of sexual harassment, filed the day [Read More]


The Blinding Glare of Dishonesty

The vast political divide, a veritable Grand Canyon, that currently plagues our country is largely ascribed to the equally vast differences in ideology that exists between liberals and conservatives. There [Read More]


The “Final Year” Reveals the Obama Administration’s Naïvety and Arrogance

An interesting perspective from National Review It sought to avoid conflict but left a bloody trail. In a moment of woeful irony in the Obama-administration documentary The Final Year, U.N. [Read More]