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Transit Autopsy Report

Deceased: Gwinnett County Transit Referendum Synopsis: The deceased was not a victim of racism, voters rejecting transit or other suspected causes. Although there were numerous complicating factors, voter rejection of [Read More]


HB 302/SB 172- Protecting Profits, Not Property Rights

Staunch supporters of HB 302 and its sister bill in the senate, SB 172, proclaim that the intent of these bill is to protect individual property rights. If that were [Read More]


HB 302- The Bring Blight to Your City Act

As written HB 302, (and SB 172, the senate version) is the “Bring Blight to Your City Act”. It employs state overreach as an antidote for local government overreach. Apparently, [Read More]


Kavanaugh/Ford Commentary- Personal Axe Grinding

The current crop of social media posts and comments concerning Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford would be disheartening if they weren’t entirely predictable. One side, largely [Read More]


Trump Meets Media Bias, Media Bias Meets Trump

As is typical of most Facebook “discussions”, comments on a recent post concerning bias in the press and President Trump’s reaction to it wandered into a maze of irrelevance. I [Read More]

Georgia & City News

Bus Rapid Transit: Burden Reduced on Taxpayers

Originally published by the Georgia Public Policy Foundation ( By Dave Emanuel Relatively few people use public transit but everyone pays for it. No public transportation system in the country [Read More]


David Shafer- The Best Choice for Lt Governor

David Shafer is unquestionably the best candidate running for Lt. Governor. That has had an exclamation point added to it by a couple of political mailings I recently received. Known [Read More]


The Mueller Investigation- An Attempt to Turn Garbage into Gold

Whether you’re a Republican, a Democrat, a Libertarian or an independent, the attempt by the Mueller investigation to turn garbage into gold, as discussed in this video , should be [Read More]


Atlanta Cost of Living- An Eye-Opener

A recent survey conducted by the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) reveals some eye-opening statistics in comparing costs in metro Atlanta to other cities across the nation. As an example, if [Read More]