Santa Is A Car Dealer

By Debbie Johnson

Ok, it’s that time of year. It’s Christmas. For many of us, it’s a time of celebration, joy, and happiness. But for a few, it’s a terrible time. Christmas angels come out to play. It seems like there are fewer every year. I have to tell you a story of one. It’s a good one. 

I have a tribe. I have a few close friends who get together every year about this time and laugh, eat, and tell stories. This year I had a friend tell me a story about someone she knows that fell on hard times. She was a single mom. Her and her 3 year old daughter lives in a trailer park in Douglas County.

Mariam received a call from a complete stranger last week. The call would change her holiday season in a way she could never have expected.On the other end of the phone was a kind voice. His name was David. I’d like to do something for your daughter and you for Christmas, he said. After a few minutes of conversation, they agreed to meet for lunch.

They met at El Real on Hwy 20 in Gwinnett County. David asked, what are your greatest needs? Mariam was caught off guard and had to think about it, she had many. My daughter will not have presents this year, my rent is past due, and my gas tank is empty and there is no way to fix any of these. David just smiled.

David followed her back home and asked her to wait for him while he took care of something. What she didn’t know was that he headed for the park management office. He caught up her payments and paid 3 months ahead. She had no idea. He had planned this. 

He went back to her house and as they sat at her humble kitchen table he handed her an envelope. In the envelope was 3 cards. A $500.00 gift card to Walmart, a prepaid Visa card with $300.00 on it, and most importantly, his card. My card is for you. If you are ever stuck again, call me.

I love these stories this time of year, I love meeting holiday heroes too. That would not happen this time. I called David and he didn’t want to discuss it at all. He was very nice but firm. Mariam on the other hand wanted to talk about it. As I sat with her at the same table she received a wonderful Christmas, she began telling me about her experience with David. 

He came from nowhere. He never told me how he found me, it was a mystery and I didn’t push him. He was kind and more generous than anyone she had ever known. When she looked at his card and saw he was a used car dealer, she was shocked. This was not what society thinks used car dealers do. 

As David finished his “business” with her, they both stood up, Mariam was in tears by now. In less than a minute, so was David. He gave her a very tight hug and told her that everything would be ok. She had heard that from men her entire life, this time seemed believable. 

I decided to out hi.  David Bowen, owner of Atlanta Car exchange in metro Atlanta. Not because he asked me to, he actually didn’t give me 2 minutes on the phone. I’m outing him as a man with a heart, a man who genuinely cares for others, and a man that reminds us that there are still good men out there. There are quiet provider/protectors in our midst. 

He had nothing to gain, no agenda, and no reason to step up for this small family. What a refreshing Christmas story.