World Economic Crash Coming

By Kenneth Stepp


I usually try to not title my articles with clickbait, but the truth is, the world economy is a huge bubble. The abuse of derivatives, central backs handing out free money, and cheap money for buying anything and everything, has caused this. There’s more to it than that, but those few mentioned are enough.


Indicators are everywhere. 6 years ago I created several Google alerts. Everytime the subject comes up in the news anywhere on the planet, I receive an email telling me there is a story published with that phrase in it. “Eurozone collapse was one of them, when I created it, I received an alert every few months. Now I’m getting an alert several times per day. Bank of America foreclosure, same thing. It’s close.


Worldwide debt has gone past, $233 trillion dollars, and world GDP is only is barely above $80 trillion dollars. I can remember a time, not that long ago, when if the debt was over half of GDP, economists and countries shivered. As you can see, things have gotten so much worse. Central banks, like our Federal Reserve, which is just a private company, owned by several other private companies. The Bank Of England, and others. They have printed us into oblivion.


I believe what the president is doing is trying to isolate America to increase our economy to a place where we will survive the collapse. I wish him luck. Our econome won’t be the first to go, European countries, the Eurozone, maybe France will, Germany is in huge trouble as well. When one big economy drops, the all will, the world economy is a house of cards.


I wish I had answers, all I really have is a warning, it’s coming…